A Squamish Day Trip

"Let's go to Squamish!"
"Um why?"
"Just to go for a drive."
"Ok sure!"

So for no particular reason, hopped in our beat up old Ford and drove 45 km of winding coastal highway to the little town of Squamish. I've been there before only briefly: for a week of camp back in elementary school, and after that only to stop by the McDonalds while on the way to Whistler.

We wandered around the town for a bit looking for anything interesting (weren't really successful), then we drove off towards the river. There's a nice gravel walkway along the riverbank. In the winter time this area boasts one of the largest gatherings of bald eagles in North America. They come to nest and feed on the salmon coming up-river. There weren't any Eagles yet, but right on the riverbank was the Watershed Grill. It looked like someone's house, but it smelled awesome and we were hungry.

The food was surprisingly tasty and they had a good beer/wine list. We got a side of yam fries with our burgers (E ordered a veggie burger with an extra topping of bacon... the waitress laughed). We chatted with the waitress who informed us that the eagles would start to arrive through November and stay until February. I think we'll try and come back for that.

We enjoyed the view for a while. We weren't quite done with our exploration yet so we wandered around and ended up at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. It was under construction but there were a few trains out in the open.

Getting to Squamish was one thing - getting back was iffy. We need a new car. The poor old red thing has an engine of gold, but everything else is falling apart. We made our way slowly back to Vancouver.

"Wow I can see Shannon Falls!"
"Want to stop?"
"Sure. Let's go."

As luck would have it, the parking meters at Shannon Falls were broken. (Awesome, Free parking!) We trecked through the woods on the way to the falls. I love living in the Pacific Northwest. Sure it rains a lot, but it also makes everything so green and alive. The forest is timeless... when we go hiking I often feel like I could be in another world or another time.

"Hey look, I'm a vampire!" E ran into the clearing in the woods, made his most 'vampire like' expression, and we had a dorky Twilight moment together.

The car survived the rest of the trip home. It was a good day.