Craft show photos

August 10, 2009

I did my first craft show back in July and wanted to show you some photos! I shared a table with my friend Tree who makes hand stitched monsters, cards, and prints. Our table neighbors happened to be friends of Tree's so it was an entertaining afternoon. Our table got a bit more popular with the delivery of an umbrella (thank's mom and dad!) half way through the day. We all squeezed into what little shadow it made but I think everyone still ended up with sunburn.

Here's a shot of my sign and some hair accessories:

Here's Tree's awesome work!
You can find her here on

And this is a shot of the street market on that very sunny day.
That's our table under the rainbow umbrella.

We're trying to line up at least one more craft fair for winter. Now I know a little bit better what to expect, what works, and how much prep work I need to do. I'm also starting to come up with new designs for fall/winter.

PS did you spot any new hair accessories? :) I tested out a few new designs... those will be coming to my Etsy shop at the end of August.


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