DIY - Craft Show Packaging

... in a pinch!

I love wrapping gifts and shop orders and sometimes I think I actually enjoy that more than making the stuff I sell. Does anyone want to hire a professional gift wrapper? Can I actually get a job doing that? hehe

The dilemma was that I had no car, a craft show coming up in a week, very little time, and no boxes or bags on hand. The solution was a little bit of craftiness that you can do too! This can work if you're selling smaller items like jewelry or accessories.

Bags - You can take regular brown paper lunch bags and use stamps to decorate them.

Make your own stamps - You can create your own logo stamp using a scrap block of wood, craft glue, and some craft foam. If your logo is simple you can do this easily. Trace the design onto the foam with a ball point pen, and cut it out with a utility knife or scissors. The foam cuts like butter! It's so easy to work with. If you don't have any wood, you can glue the foam design onto anything flat and waterproof. The lid of a margarine container is another idea that works. Office supply stores also often have movable type stamps you can use to create a stamp of your shop information. I used one to stamp my website on the bags.

I like that these bags are recyclable too.

Yay multiples! It didn't take long to stamp up a couple dozen of these bags, but I did have a few OOPS moments. Check out those upside down and crooked stamps hehe.

Some items like earrings and necklaces can be delicate and require some kind of sleeve so that they don't get tangled. Zip top snack bags come to the rescue!

Plastic sleeves - The only trick here is to make the bags look less like lunch. This is a perfect way to recycle old calendars or magazines. Cut up the pages images to fit inside the bags. I also made some larger ones (regular sandwich size) to fit some of my headbands.