The Alteration Project - Part 3

Monday, July 20, 2009
Here are a couple of alterations I did a while back but are some of my faves!

The red shirt was a simple alteration, I cut off one sleeve and hemmed it.

The white skirt was a slip that belonged to my mom. When I inherited it, it was yellowish, had a few holes, and the elastic no longer had any stretch. I wanted to save it because of the lovely details you can see in the photo above. So I carefully hand repaired the little holes with a needle and thread, bleached it, replaced the elastics, and sewed a lining so it's not see through, and to give it more body/flounce! It's so comfortable ;) It's my favorite summer skirt.

That's it with the alteration projects for now. I'll post more later on ;) I have more sewing to do first.

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