Spring has Sprung!

It's spring at last, and with the sun out it actually feels like it for once ;) I've got lots of new stuff to blog and at least one Photoshop tutorial in the works. So it was a little bit of a working vacation. I added a few new things to the shop, did a little bit of writing and left a trail breadcrumbs behind me...

I wrote a story for Courtney over at Wunderbug. She's doing a series of real life stories and everyone is welcome to contribute. Check this out if you're interested!

And Gina from the One Little Bird Jewelry blog interviewed a few Etsy sellers (myself included) to see what we all do to relax. It's a fun read :)

I didn't spend my whole vacation working though. The weather was good enough to snap a few photos:

And yes we were both amazed when this little bird flew over and perched on E's hand! E's already dubbed him "Brownie" and I think we'll be visiting our feathered friend again soon.

Take care,