Recipe: Taro Fries

April 17, 2009

A couple times a month I'll try to buy an unfamiliar ingredient from the supermarket and attempt to figure out how to cook it. This past week I picked up a taro root. I've eaten it before but I've never tried cooking it. My mom usually adds it to pork soup and you can treat it very much like a potato. It's starchy and just a little bit sweet. Since it was such a big taro root I used half for one dish and the other half for another.

Here's a photo of my giant taro root

Trial one: Taro cakes

Here's the recipe from chowtimes. I've ordered these before at dim sum. I didn't have rice flour so I substituted it with rice flower. However, the taro cakes turn out a lot starchier than I prefer. Next time I'll look for some rice flour. I also baked the taro instead of steaming the cakes because I didn't have a big enough pot. This worked just fine :)

Trial two: Taro fries

We finished all the taro fries at one siting. Since taro's slightly sweet I cooked it up like yam fries. The recipe is simple: peel the taro and toss it with a little garlic powder, salt, oil, and pepper. Bake it in a 400 degree oven until the fries are crispy. We ate the fries with homemade garlic aioli which took a simple thing and made it ever so more delicious.

Don't like making your mayo from scratch? That's ok. I don't either.

Here's the cheater's recipe for garlic aioli: Finely dice one garlic clove for every two or three tablespoons of store bought mayonnaise. Add a splash of wine vinegar, a couple pinches of basil, and mix all the ingredients together. No one will know you cheated if you serve this at a party.

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