Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

Every year I usually end up wrapping all the family presents because I have so much fun doing it. I think its the best part of the whole gift giving process. You can take something ordinary and make it a mystery... something to be touched, and shaken, puzzled over, and dreamed about until the day it gets opened. Wrapping doesn't have to cost you anything but a little bit of creativity. My favorite way to wrap is using brown paper bags turned inside out and wrapped with raffia. It looks very naturally pretty, you're reusing, and most of the wrapping can be recycled afterwards. Here are some other ideas:

Use the newspaper funnies, or foreign newspapers for a neat effect. The black and white print looks great contrasted with bright red or in this case, multicolored strips of origami paper. The ribbons are just strips of the same paper taped into little curls.

Who doesn't love brown paper packages tied up with string? I saved a couple ends from jeans I had hemmed. It makes a nice alternative to ribbon and I just slipped it over the box which it fit perfectly. No sewing, no taping!

I told you I love wrapping with brown paper bags. In addition to the raffia, I cut up an old calendar for some extra embellishment.

Not only are you reducing waste because you're not buying wrapping paper, but you'll be wrapping your gifts practically for free!