Last minute halloween costume idea

For all of October I'm usually thinking about Halloween and what kind of costume I can make. Last year's raven costume was the product of several months work. This October Halloween kinda crept up because I've been so busy. There was no time for anything elaborate and I didn't want to spend much money. Here's an easy idea for any of you who lack time:

The Paper Bag Princess - It's a good story too.

What you need: craft paper or paper bags, scissors, tape or glue, cardboard/old cereal box, gold paint.
Directions: If you're using craft paper you can just fold your desired length it in half, cut out space for your head and arms, then glue the sides together to make a tube shape. To make the crown take the cardboard, cut it into a rectangle large enough to sit on your head, cut out some spikes, and shape it into a circle. Glue the ends and paint.

Of course, um... you know me. By the time I was done with the children's book version of the paper bag princess, I decided it looked well.. too much like a paper bag! I decided to go 'Project Runway' on it. After a couple hours of trial and error, fighting with paper, and nearly ruining everything, I ended up with something I'm happier with.

Now, I actually have no idea if I'll be able to sit in this costume...

Do you have any other last minute costume ideas?