The great craft challenge

Somehow, over the years I've accumulated more craft materials than I know what to do with. I always look at the potential in a matieral even if I may not have the skills or time to carry the project through. Now I'm planning on moving into a much smaller space I sadly don't think I'll have room for it all. So - I better get crafting. Its time to exercise those creative muscles to the maximum this summer.

Curently my inventory includes:

  • 2 shoe boxes full of vintage lace
  • 1 paper box of pink satin and crepe fabric (Man its heavy!)
  • 1 sweater box full of black, red, and purple feathers, and bits of craft foam
  • 1 sweater box full of ribbons, wedding bells, stamps, and ink.
  • 3 drawers full of miscellaneous supplies including paint, paper, sketch pads, and glues.
  • 1 HUGE heavy box full of miscellaneous fabric.
  • 1 big box of fleece
  • 1 bag full of cotton stuffing
  • 1 drawer of beads
  • 1 paper box full of paper and chip bags (leftover from candy wrapper purse making).
  • Several sheets of poster board and craft foam.
  • 1 big box of peach, blue, and yucky brown silk flowers. The flowers are nice, but the colors are aweful.

It all adds up to an entire closet's worth of stuff not including all the paper I have. I'm up for the challenge. How many ways can I use pink satin and cream lace? If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!