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Sewn: Green Velvet Top

Did you have a nice holiday? The days for shooting clothing outdoors are dwindling so I thought I'd squeeze this one in (taken back in October). This is a green velvet top based on the Hadley Top by Grainline Studio. I followed the pattern exactly and it fit without any adjustments around the bust and shoulders, but it was meant for a fabric with more drape so I had to take it in almost two inches at each side.

I also ran into oh... just a few problems along the way:

1) The pattern assembly was not easy. I did not want to print 56 pages when I only needed view B of the design. View A included sleeves and a back pleat, but the pages were all laid out in a mess. GREAT for a paper layout, but terrible for a PDF.

2) The green velvet was leftover from curtains I sewed for the kiddo's bedroom. It's super soft and luxurious feeling, but not meant for clothing. The edges shed like snow so I had to bind each edge, and top stitched over all the clipped seams to prevent extra sheddi…

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