Fleece Toddler Toques (Warm Winter Hat / Beanie)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Like I said before, soooo many babies! I wish I could sew for all of them, but my time is limited. I did manage to whip up these two toques. A toque is a beanie or warm winter hat depending on where you live. I don't have a tutorial for the toque with ears, it was kind of put together on the go, but the pom pom hat is seriously simple. You just need to sew 3 straight lines! I can no longer find a tutorial, but if your Google-fu is strong, you might be able to.

I'm looking for interesting backdrops for photos these days. I think I like the sherpa blanket above. It's so cuddly, and doesn't need ironing (Bonus!).

Sew & Tell: Baby Moccacins

Monday, January 11, 2016

You guys, these are the best things ever. Seriously, baby moccasins not only look cute, but they're grippy enough for baby to walk around on hardwood floors without slipping, plus they're also soft enough that they don't interfere with mobility. Best of all, when you sew them yourself they're super cheap and quick to make. I used faux leather / vegan leather for mine, and they're both cute, super light, and easy to pull on. The only downside to faux leather is that it isn't breathable and baby's feet sweat a little if she's in them too long, so we only use them on outings.

I made two pairs because they were so quick to make. They are also the little bean's favorite teether of choice, so if they're not on her feet, they're in her mouth (unfortunately). Look mama, almost walking!

And a rare non-moving look at those feet. Of course, this is all partly an excuse to post cute baby photos...

Want the tutorial and free pattern? Fringed Baby Moccasins by Simply Small Wonders. This pattern fits babies 6 to 12 months.

New and Improved for 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016
It's a new year, and a fresh look for the blog.

I hope you had a good holiday season. Things are settling into a new rhythm in our household and my art brain is starting to grumble and stir. It's been too long since I've had a chance to dip my greedy fingers into the makers well.

Posts may not be too frequent, but I'm aiming for better quality than what I posted in 2015. Looking forward to the new year!


Baby's First Christmas

Monday, December 7, 2015

And the mall was braved for baby's first year
So that photos with Santa could be saved
And the house was decked out with holiday cheer

Christmas cheer

I used to love the holiday season, but it can lose little magic when you're in a household of two adults. Now that we're three, I'm starting to remember all the things I enjoyed, like making my own decorations and wrapping presents with things I find around the house. I don't have much storage space, so made some paper garlands with recycled papers and some fishing line. Since our wee one is so curious and strong, we opted not to have a tree, and I made a paper one from recycled gift wrap to put up on the wall. All the gifts are off the floor and out of reach too, so it's all safe from baby drool and sticky fingers.

It's time to create some good memories for the little bean! I think it will be a good holiday season. I hope yours is lovely too.

Seasons Greetings!

Baby Sushi Costume (Ebi)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
There's something about dressing babies up as food that I can't resist. For baby's first Halloween, I sewed up this Ebi sushi costume for her.

Baby sushi costume. Felt and fleece. The wasabi ginger is a hair clip for mama.

The ginger wasabi is a hair clip for mama to wear. Daddy's going as the sushi chef. It's hard getting a photo of the baby because she's always on the move. Here's the best I could snap on my phone.

Baby sushi costume. Felt and fleece. The wasabi ginger is a hair clip for mama.

It was nice to sneak in a bit of crafty time, and this one was pretty quick to sew up. It's really just a tube with holes cut out for the arms, and elastic at the neck and hem. The rest is all hot glue. Bless whoever invented the glue gun.

End of Summer Harvest

Monday, September 7, 2015

This was taken a couple weeks ago, and is probably one of the last harvests from our garden this season. It was unusually hot, and our tomato crop was amazing. The green beans are just ready now. I haven't cooked them up yet, but I'm looking forward to it!


We didn't plant the zucchini and squash in the sunniest location so they didn't do too well, but lesson learned. On the other hand, we had blind luck with the sage. It's supposedly hard to grow from seed, but we got plenty growing.


Fresh vegetables and fruit from the garden are so good. They are a lot of work, but it's really soothing working in the garden, so we'll do it again next season!

Quick Crafts: Painted Cork Mousepads

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's hard squeezing in time for crafts with a demanding baby that doesn't like to nap, so I've been getting my crafty fix in short bursts of a few minutes here and there. This hardly counts as a tutorial. These mousepads are so easy that the hardest part is picking out a color combination you like.

1. Cut mousepad shapes from cork. To round the edges you can trace the edge of a cup or bottle. Next, use painters tape to create a design.

2. Paint each section a different color. I did three coats of each colour because cork is porous and I wanted them to be highly saturated.

3. Peel off tape when paint is dry.

Optional: Brush on a couple coats of sealer for smoother mousing. Use a permanent marker, or paint to colour the edges of your mousepads. 

That's it! It's amazing that this feels like such an accomplishment. Getting 10 minutes here and there to be creative? As much as I love my baby, I've missed having a little time to myself. Even 10 minutes is a gift. Look for more of these quick crafts in the future! At least, when I manage to squeeze out a little time.

Recipe: Melon Cream Popsicles

Monday, August 24, 2015
Have you ever tried Melona? It's a Korean popsicle brand. I've been craving them like mad, but I can't do dairy at the moment, because the baby's got a sensitivity. (That also means ice cream is out *weeps*) SO what's a girl to do but try to recreate the taste dairy free?

My first try was a fail. They look pretty, but I added lime zest into the mix and it overpowered the melon. The popsicles were also a little too icy for my tastes.

So I tried again with honeydew melon. The taste was close but the texture was too pulpy for my taste.

The third try was the charm. The trick is to strain the melon before freezing it. However, if you want extra fibre in your diet, this step is totally unnecessary.

It doesn't get much simpler than three ingredients.

Melon Cream Popsicles


  • 3 cups melon (2 if you aren't straining)
  • 2 tbsp honey (more or less depending on the ripeness of your fruit)
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk beverage / milk / cream (cream would make this especially decadent)
  1. Blend the melon.
  2. Strain it through a mesh sieve.
  3. Mix with honey and milk.
  4. Freeze 1 hour, insert sticks, and freeze at least 4 more hours.
I told you it was an obsession. At least I'm getting my fruit servings for the day! It's practically health food!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Here's the latest update!

Things are looking better out there. The lettuce has come and gone. Now the other plants are growing fast. We have a few tomatoes growing. Still green but there's enough summer heat left for them to ripen.

The lavender has been resuscitated from near death. It's amazing how many bees and butterflies it attracts.

There are tiny tiny cucumbers on this vine and plenty more flowers. It seems to gain an inch or three daily.

And here's a giant pot of lime basil and sweet basil. I spilled some parsley in there too. Oops. I'm harvesting it already.

The raspberries and currants are done. Now I'm still waiting for blueberries and grapes. There's jam in my future.

Surprised how much I'm enjoying gardening. Plants are like really low key pets. I haven't named them but it makes me smile when they grow.

Recipe: Strawberry Papaya Popsicles

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Happy Canada Day! In honour of the occasion we have appropriately red popsicles to nom.

These popsicles are even easier than the last batch. A little bit of rum to the mix, and then you'd have strawberry daiquiri on a stick! These are intensely strawberry flavoured, and my favourite so far.

Strawberry Papaya Popsicles

  • 1.5 cups strawberries
  • 2 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1 cup papaya
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk beverage or cream or yogurt
  • Liquid sweetener to taste* ie. honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, simple syrup
  1. Add 2 tbsp of sugar to the fruit, mix, and leave in fridge to macerate for 24 hours.
  2. Pour all ingredients into a food processor or blender, then pour into moulds.
  3. Freeze one hour, add sticks, then freeze another 4 - 6 hours.
*I added 1/4 cup corn syrup because it has a neutral flavour. You may need more or less sweetener depending on the ripeness of your fruits. More sweetener also results in a less icy popsicle. You want it a little sweeter than you prefer because freezing dulls the sweetness.
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